Micaiah Sawyer

upcoming shows

Tuesday, July 2nd, Sofar Sounds Seattle

Tickets/Information HERE

Friday, August 30th, the Pig Bar

More information to come!

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what people are saying

“If you want to see the future of folk music, look no further than Micaiah Sawyer”

- Adrienne Clark, Museum of Pop Culture

“She has the kind of voice that could make buildings crumble and weep. She sings of weary souls and the salvation of love with a goose- bump-inducing amount of conviction.”

- Martin Douglas, KEXP Artist Spotlight

“Blessed with a clear, strong and achingly vulnerable singing voice, Micaiah Sawyer is one of the brightest spots in the Olympia music scene. Drawing inspiration from blues and folk, smoothed with a penchant for crowd-pleasing pop-rock, Sawyer possesses the ability to get listeners to rise to their feet or shed a tear in the flash of a moment.”

- Adam McKinney, Oly Arts